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We at Movaci have a lot to offer any organization that uses IT in their daily operations.

I already have an IT Team. Why do I need managed security?

Whether you are a General Manager, IT Manager, CIO, or even CEO, you may be wondering why you would need outside Managed IT Security services when you already have IT staff of your own. Would hiring a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) just be redundant and a waste of money?

Benefits of Leased Line Internet and Why is it needed?

Have you noticed that cheap consumer-level home internet packages are now being offered at speeds that seem to rival or even match many corporate internet connection packages? Why would you want to pay more for a corporate leased line internet link when the bandwidth that is offered looks pretty much the same?

Why is PCI Compliance Important for my business?

Movaci employs PCI certified Payment Card Industry Professionals (PCIP’s) and PCI certified Internal Security Assessors (ICA’s) who perform detailed PCI DSS compliance audits and consulting services. Let us know if you need help with IT security and PCI DSS compliance for your organization.

What We Do

IT Services & Consulting

Let Movaci help your business grow through our industry-leading managed IT support services.

Security Services

Comprehensive assessment of your current security environment and provide recommendations.

Cloud Solutions

Secure, reliable, high-availability tools to communicate,organize, and store your important information.

Hardware & Software

Hardware, software, and licensing. We identify the right solution based on your needs and requirements.

How We Help You

When it comes to IT support, we understand that all businesses have different needs. As a result, we’ve arranged our support services to fit the custom needs of your organization. We can help you in 3 different ways:

Outsource all of your IT maintenance and support.


Supplement your existing IT staff.


Provide IT consulting and special project services.

We Have
the Right Team for You

Each dedicated recurring support customer team includes the following roles:

Business Relationship Manager

Account Manager

Primary Engineer

Program Manager

Project Manager

Virtual CIO/Strategic Consultant

Managed Security Services

Every Business
Has Valuable Data
to Protect

In today’s security climate, data has become the new currency. Regardless of size, every business has data that’s important to them and that makes your business a target. Your business needs information security to proactively protect its confidential data and detect internal and external threats.

24/7 Remote
Global Help Desk Support

With every Managed Services plan, you receive a team of highly experienced, certified professionals, subject matter experts, account management specialists, and 24×7 access to our Global Service Desk. Also included with our Managed Services solutions is my.Movaci, providing you with on-the-go, direct access to our Global Service Desk to resolve your technical issues quickly and efficiently.

Trusted by Customers

in more than 30 countries including:

“As a counseling center, confidentiality and security are fundamental to the services we provide our clients. Movaci’s excellent service and response to our IT needs ranging from non-urgent to critical are unparalleled in our experience. Their well-trained staff have gone above and beyond to help us establish and maintain a professional setting where we can confidently provide counseling and work well as a staff. We are incredibly grateful for Movaci!“

“Manao Software has been a happy customer of Movaci since 2015. During that time Movaci have assisted us with networking and server configuration, and have provided an internet connection under their SmartNet product. As a company that depends on fast, stable internet, any downtime is critical for us, and we have appreciated Movaci’s quick response times and overall great support.“

Christopher Mosses

“Our company has used services from Vonage, Packet 8, and Ring Central in the past. We consistently had issues with phone quality and or dropped calls. We have been with Movaci Technology’s phone services for over a year now.“

“As a client of Movaci’s since 2014, The Voice of the Martyrs Canada is pleased to recommend Movaci as a Managed Service Provider. They have graciously and professionally rehauled and configured our entire server rack, made helpful recommendations, and completed implementation at our new site. Movaci never fails to provide clear and helpful solutions to our problems and usually has them solved before we even get to the office. The level of dedication, availability, professionalism, expertise, and friendliness provided by Christopher and his team is beyond comparison.“

“Thailand Chapter have been using the services of Movaci since 2016, from when we first reached out for a variety of hosting and design needs. Movaci has been reliable and innovative in their approach and remain our sole provider for all our IT requirements.“

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